Hire vetted U.S. software developers at offshore rates.

Stop using offshore software developers. Give talented Americans a fair shot.

We operate a freelancer network of talented software developers who live in areas of the U.S. where opportunities are scarce. Equality-minded businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies hire our vetted freelancers for a wide range of challenging projects.

Why Do Companies Use Fair Shot Network?

Vetted Freelancers

We source talented software developers from areas of the U.S. where opportunities are scarce and put them through a multi-step screening process before accepting the top performers into our freelancer network.

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Move Fast With Flexibility

Many of our freelancers can start on your project within 24-48 hours. Simply select your desired engagement type, from hourly to part-time to full-time, and scale up/down at any time. We don’t require minimums or term contracts.

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If you've been outsourcing projects to offshore software developers in places like India, Eastern Europe or Latin America for budgetary reasons, you'll find our freelancers' rates to be very competitive.

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No More Surprises

You won’t fear the unknown anymore when you use talent from our freelancer network. Our freelancers operate on U.S. time zones, have excellent English fluency and possess verifiable skills and proper legal identification.

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Full Support

Your account manager will guide you every step of the way to ensure an excellent working relationship between us, your company and the freelancer at all times. We take care of all freelancer administration such as invoicing and payments to make the entire process simple and easy for your company.

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"Fair Shot Network connected us with an excellent software developer."

Frank N.

CTO, Fair Shot Network Customer

"Fair Shot Network connected us with an excellent software developer in deep South Texas who met our full requirements and did a great job on time and at budget. We’re very happy to have found Fair Shot Network and we’re proud to support talented Americans who might otherwise be overlooked."

Skilled in the Top Programming Languages

Our freelancer network includes talented software developers, programmers, engineers and architects with experience and expertise across a wide array of today’s top programming languages, frameworks and technologies (click here for a comprehensive list).

Promote Economic Equality

Our clients find that it makes good business sense to support talented Americans who live in areas of the U.S. where opportunities are scarce and have made the effort to become highly-qualified software developers.

Using our freelancers instead of offshore software developers supports deserving Americans financially and also creates direct economic impacts in U.S. communities that need help.

We have the talent you need.
Right here in the U.S.

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